Trailers 101 - Lone Wolf Trailer Co.

Trailers 101

There are a few things that folks should know prior to making a trailer purchase:

1st is QUALITY:     You get what you pay for!

What size materials are used for the main frame?

     Is the frame a 3x2 angle, 8 inch channel or a 12 inch I-beam?  The materials used vary depending upon the size of the trailer and the loads they are designed to safely carry.  At Lone Wolf Trailer Co. every trailer we manufacture will  haul the load it is designed to carry for years to come.  We put more welds on our trailers than any other manufacturer.  Quality matters, because poorly constructed trailers will warp & seperate over time.  Lone Wolf Trailers, stand the test of time.

What type of axles are installed?

Lone Wolf Trailer Company installs American Made Dexter axles because they are the best most dependable axles available.  Some folks install axles made in China, because they are cheaper.  At Lone Wolf Trailer Co., we use nothing but the best! "Our Quality Stands Alone".

2nd is SERVICE:     Lone Wolf stands behind our Trailers!

If there is an issue with my trailer what do I do?

    If it's a Lone Wolf Trailer, bring it back to us and we'll fix it for you!  We actually repair more of competetors trailers than we do Long Wolf Trailers.  Our maintenance crew is top notch.  They can have your trailer up and running again in no time.  We manufacture our trailers right here in North Alabama and we have the knowledge, the parts, and the staff to repair your trailer.

3rd is PARTS:     Lone Wolf has everthing to repair our trailers, in stock.

Where can I get parts to repair my trailer myself?

    Call us or come on by.  We have most all the parts in stock to repair our trailers.  We will ship the parts needed to you or you can drop by and pick them up.

4th is Longevity:     Lone Wolf Trailer is one of the oldest trailer manufacturers east of the Mississippi

Is the trailer I'm looking to buy built by a reputable company?

     If you're looking at a Lone Wolf Trailer, the answer is YES!  Lone Wolf Trailer Company has been building the highest quality trailers since 1978.  That's 36 years!  We didn't get to be #1 by building trailers that fall apart the first time they are used.  It's not uncommon for folks to bring in 20 year old Lone Wolf Trailers for new wheel bearings or to upgrade the lights to LED.  The trailer may have a little rust at that age however it's still just as durable as it was when it left our yard new.

At Lone Wolf Trailer Company "Our Quality Stands Alone"