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7K Bearing Kit 2.250" EZ Seal

Nuera 55-27050 - This bearing kit is designed for hubs rated at 7k capacity and includes a 2.250” seal. All Nuera bearing kits include the necessary components for one wheel (bearings, seals, cotter pins, etc.).

Kit Includes: (1) Inner bearing - 25580  (1) Inner Race - 25520  (1) Outer Bearing - 14125A  (1) Outer Race - 14276  (1) Grease Seal E-Z - 2250DL  (1) Cotter Pin 19-2 (1) Tang Washer For E-Z

Manufacturer Part Number: 55-27050
Stock # 55-27050
UPC: 845709000117
Price: $27.95
7K Bearing Kit 2.250" EZ Seal
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